Organic Skin Care

Omega Research cosmetics has produced an innovative organic and raw skin care line. The 4 collections are made of all organic ingredients made with the raw materials procedure. They were looking for a packaging design that will visually represent the uniqueness of their collections. The inspiration behind the design are the colors of each of the four seasons.
The fairy collection – Fall – This collection represents the nature of fall and the forest, with a blend of dark blue and green tones.
Chocolicous – Winter – This collection is made of raw chocolate, cocoa, walnut, almond. I used dark and lighter tones of brown to represent the ingredients.
Spring Blossom – Spring – Inspired by the cherry blossom this flowery collection is representing the spring awakening of nature with soft tones of pink.
Fruit Delight – Summer – This fruity collection made of lemon, orange, mango and other tropical fruits. I used tones of yellow, orange, and red.

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